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Guidelines for Shopping at Mitch's Meats & Fish (Quick Overview)
  1. I allow one group or one client at a time in my store.

  2. All Pre-Order clients are prioritized first over Non Pre-Order clients (walk-ins).  80% of my business is Pre-Order.

  3. A staff member will let you know when to enter.

  4. If you choose to wait, besides standing out front, we have a couple more suggestions:

    1. You can sit in your vehicle and we’ll come get you.

    2. You can walk 25 ft East to Pinkies Up and sit inside or on their patio, and there is No Obligation to make a purchase (we are good friends) and we’ll come get you when it is your turn.

  5.  “How long will the wait be ??  1st off, we do not have a crystal ball that will let us know how long the client(s) will take to shop in front of you, or if Pre-Order clients arrive as you are waiting. We do our best to give an estimated wait time. That is why we strongly encourage doing one of our types of Pre-Orders. 




Thank you

Guidelines Detailed

Guidelines for Shopping at Mitch's Meats & Fish

(Full Detailed-Part 1)

Why do I have Guidelines  ???
Help Me, Help You, Help Yourself, Help Each Other,..................Sooooooooo
You don’t have to wait very long.  I have a very blessed business and am very thankful for each and every one of my clients. My guidelines are designed to ensure fairness to each and every client. I strongly believe that if you have some understanding of Why I operate the way I do, we work together so I can provide to you what you want and we can eliminate the frustration part of waiting to come into my shop.

Pre-Orders account for 80% plus of my business on average.  With that being said, leaves very limited time for Non Pre-Order clients (walk-in) to come into my operation. 

Pre-Order clients vs. Non Pre-Order clients vs. Will Call clients

  1. Pre-Order clients have taken the time in advance to order their merchandise or order their time when they want to come in.

  2. Non Pre-Order clients are clients that want to walk in and shop.

  3. Will Call clients are those who call us the same day they want to pick up merchandise.

    1. Pre-Orders clients are strongly encouraged to place their order 2 days in advance.  Depending on the time of year and the various holidays throughout the year, clients will order not only 2 days in advance, but weeks and months in advance. When all the slots are taken, pre-orders become cut off for a given day.  

      1. ​Pre-Order client Type 1.

        They place an order of various merchandise that they want to pick up on a certain day.


        6  8 oz prime filets, seasoned
        4  6 oz saumon fillets, season 2 only
        3  pkg grilled SMF chicken breast
        Etc. etc.

        When they come to pick up, they are always welcome to come into the store and pay, always welcome to add additional items on to their order, they may want to just hand us their credit card, we retrieve they merchandise from our coolers, ring up, pack up, and bring the bags to the client outside.

      2. Pre-Order client Type 2.

        They place an order that they want to come in and shop.  We then ask if they want to come in during the 1st half of the day or the 2nd half of the day. Many new clients like this choice so they really get a better understanding of how things work. I have a lot of regular clients that do it on a regular basis as well.

    2. Non Pre-Order Clients

      These are clients that decided to stop by and want to come in the store and shop. I’m not your average boutique butcher shop and this is why my guidelines are in place. Pre-Order Clients are prioritized over Non Pre-Order clients.

      Those clients that took the time in advance to place an order are taken care of 1st. This is why we strongly encourage Pre-Ordering since the Non Pre-Order clients may have to wait to be able to come into the shop. There are days that I cut off all Non Pre-Order clients' ability to come into the shop because I’m full with Pre-Orders, all slots are full, booked out for the day.

      The Non Pre-Order clients (not all) will become frustrated with the wait time and unfortunately cause individuals to become upset, stomp their feet, get pissed off, use unacceptable language to my staff, this kind of behavior I do not accept. I am not about having clients or potential clients spew their Negative Energy around my staff or my regular clients, I simply ask that you take your negative energy and shop elsewhere.

      A major reason why I have Guidelines that are fair and just.  I am more than happy to discuss any person's concerns directly face to face. Please, don’t disrespect my staff. 


    3. Will Call Clients

      These are clients that call on the same day they want to pick up some merchandise. They may have forgotten to pre-order, last minute plans change, unexpectable guests, etc..  We always do our best when we can to work with Will Call Clients.

      Will Calls do not come in front of Non Pre-Order Clients.
      Will Calls can often be cut off for the day.  

      Now, if we can do a will call, we have again a fair process. Once we take your Will Call order and it is confirmed, we will always tell you when it will be ready or we will tell you that we’ll call you back once your order is ready for pick up.

      I always live up to my end of the bargain and expect when you agree to the Will Call, you will keep up your end of the bargain as well.  It is not uncommon that we will say to you, “Mitch may not have your order ready until after we close, we may not be calling you until after we close, if that is something that is not acceptable to you, you can certainly tell us that won’t work for you and we get it. It’s about clearly understanding the process.

      Too many times, even after the conversation and confirmation, clients want to show up at closing and think their order will be ready, unfortunately it does not work that way, and again, frustration will set in, let’s avoid all that. 

Guidelines for Shopping at Mitch's Meats & Fish

(Full Detailed-Part 2)

Here, Part 2 gives you further insight into my operation and like I said in Part 1, understanding makes it much easier to work together.

My shop, as you have probably figured out by now, is definitely not your average retail butcher shop.  I’m not your average butcher either, well educated in my trade/my craft, graduate of The Culinary Institute of America,  post graduate studies as well. Once a Chef, always a Chef.


I have a very full, well rounded background in the food service industry. I have received many compliments over my tenure on this earth from clients, friends, guests from differ parts of the world which I am very humbled and appreciative of. One compliment that I particularly like comes from a critic of service, a critic of food, & a critic of drink.  I am sure by now you figured this person is a Critic, the comment that was written:

“Simply put, Mitch is a Thaumaturge”

I am a boutique butcher shop that provides individual service to each client. I personally talk with each client.  I am the only person that will cut your selection (beef, fish, poultry, pork, etc.) to your liking, not mine. I maintain the integrity of my product by simply respecting it.  I cut and trim to order, products are not pre-cut and lined up for you to pick a piece. Some people want a certain weight, others want a certain thickness, some are not sure and that’s no problem, we figure it out together.


You get to see everything I do, I work and run my business in front of God and everybody present. You get to see all your products prior to me wrapping it up for you.   I also do a lot of seasoning of your merchandise purchased for no additional charge ( $ 0.00 ). We can certainly review/talk about how to cook your item if needed, discuss the temperature of the oven, grill, saute’ pan etc..

I can talk with you about how to cook a piece of meat to a perfect rare, a perfect medium rare, a perfect medium, and what many people look at as a negative, a perfect well done. Hey, I get it, not everyone likes red in their meat, we all have choices, and I don’t judge.  I can make sure you will end up with the most succulent, moist, juice-filled piece of meat cooked well done, that I can promise you. Don’t be afraid or shy away from asking me. We can review cooking pork, chicken, fish, game, lamb, veau, etc., etc..

One topic of discussion which fascinates many a client is when we discuss the ‘Rest Time’, this is the time the products sit after it is brought to the correct internal temperature that you like to eat your meat.


There are different products i.e.; poultry, brisket, pulled pork, that need to be brought to a temperature that is safe and it’s not over cooked. 

The ‘tease’..........
8 oz filet, cooked to desired internal temperature of how you like you meat done, it will need to rest a full 10 minutes, no cover, no seal, no tent.
Approximately a 16 lb fresh whole turkey (I sell for Thanksgiving), bring to the correct internal temperature, rest time 1 ½ hour, yes 1 ½ hour, no cover, no seal, no tent.

Once you're in my store, a quote from a fav client: “you are now on Mitch time and that's all that matters”. I spend whatever amount of time that is needed with you to make sure you are comfortable and confident with whatever you choose to purchase. There is no timer set for you being in my shop. I do not spend my time on those behind you, I spend the time with you.
This helps explain the question “how long is the wait”

All my meat, fish, pork, chicken, etc., that are in my refrigerated cases have never been frozen. If it is frozen, it’s in the freezer. Many times a client wants to shy away from frozen products, once you understand the “Why’s”, most clients see the light. I offer many pre- foods ready to eat and or heat that requires proper knowledge of how to do this correctly.  I also offer many different types of frozen ready to thaw and cook as well. Again, we make sure you are well informed on how you then finish and or cook the products.

I offer other individualized services such as Select Catering, Private Dinners.

Over the years I have had many clients that did not know how to cook much of anything, over time I have clients now finding it difficult to go out and eat at restaurants.  Many have tired and they usually tell me later, they should have just gone to Mitch’s.

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