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Mitch's is all about the quality. 

Nobody does it better!!


NO added hormones, NO antibiotics, NO artificial ingredients, NO meat clues(s), NO steroids, NO fillers (you know, the garbage to add weight), NO flavoring solutions, NO preserving agents (the kind that keep meat red for weeks, fish that glow in the dark, chicken breast bigger than the rest of the bird, pork that you can't eat MR or M)


Just bred right and treated right!

USDA Prime Beef Tenderloin
USDA Choice Beef Tenderloin
2 types of Wagyu Beef Tenderloin, Special Order: Buy by the whole piece USDA Prime New York Strip Loin boneless. Bone on, buy by the whole piece. (all New York Strip Loins and associated items: I do not cut vein end)
USDA Prime Dry Aged New York Strip Loin boneless, 45 days minimum
Australian Wagyu New York Strip Loin boneless,  7-8 rating
Japanese Kobe A - 5 (highest rating) New York Strip Loin boneless (Kobe beef comes from the Tajima strain of Black cattle , sourced from over 100 different breeds)
Teres Major aka: Petite Tender, aka: “poor man’s beef tenderloin”, Chuck cut
The Coulotte, aka:  The Picanha. Sirloin cut
USDA Prime Ribeye boneless
USDA Prime Dry Aged Ribeye boneless,

45 days minimum
USDA Choice Ribeye, “1855” highest selection in the USDA Choice division USDA Prime Export Ribeye (bone on ribeye)
Tomahawks, T-Bones, PorterHouse, Filet Bone On, other specialty cuts are Special Order, provide 2 + days notice
Australian Wagyu Ribeye boneless
Japanese Kobe A - 5 Ribeye boneless
Australian Wagyu Skirt meat (only outside)  “stupid good”
4 Bone Short Ribs, with notice: Flanken cut, Korean style cut, etc.
Market Style Rib, aka: Dino Rib
USDA Choice Tri Tip, sirloin
USDA Choice Flap meat, aka: The Bavette
Tenderloin tip meat, no garbage, no sinew, no fat, really nice stuff for stir frys, shish kabobs, quick stews, skewers, etc.)
Wagyu Coulotte
Wagyu Tri Tip
USDA Chuck Roast
USDA Prime Brisket (can cut flats or noses)
Wagyu Brisket
Always fresh, never frozen. Simply put,  
"If I can't eat it raw, I don't put it in my case."
Gulf Red Snapper
Gulf Grouper
Ahi Tuna
U - 10 Scallops
Scottish Salmon
Alaskan Halibut
Jumbo or colossal lump Crabmeat

2 + Days notice for other species; swork, mahi mahi, orange roughy, flounders, cods, mussels, clams, oysters, monkfish, loupe de mer, sea bass(s) Columbia river king, King(s), etc.


Argentina Royal Reds (I’ll put these up against Florida Royal Reds any day)
U-6, tail only, shell on, 26/30 count, no tail, no shell, de-veined

Crawfish Tail meat only, domestic
Alligator Tail meat, domestic
Maine Lobster Tail, 1 1⁄2 lb average
Maine Lobster claw & knuckle meat, 99+% no shell/cartilage, blanched
Maine Lobster tail meat blanched, 99+% no shell/cartilage, blanched

Alaskan King Crab (only the biggest ones)

(Frozen) 2 + Days notice for fresh.
Seasoned, ready to thaw and cook.
(No flour or bread crumbs, it's all about the fish)

Jumbo Lump Crab
Aussie Lamb Rack, 2 lb plus average, (can cut lamb chops/lollipops)
Lamb Loin, domestic, boneless, skinless
Lamb Tenderloin, domestic, ready to cook
Lamb Leg, domestic, bone in
Lamb Leg, domestic, boneless
Lamb Shoulder, domestic, boneless
Veau Rack, domestic (veau chops)
Veau Roast, domestic
Veau Scallopini, domestic
Veau Shoulder, domestic
Veau stew meat, domestic
Veau cut ‘osso bucco’
Cheshire Pork, Kurobuta Neuskes Pork Products (no commodity pork products)
10 bone in Pork Rack (cut Pork Rack chops, x amount of bones for a roast)
Center Cut Pork Loin (roast, medallions, scallopini, stir fry)
Pork Tenderloin
Baby Back Ribs
Spiral 1⁄2 Ham sliced, cooked, ready to eat or heat and eat
Mitch’s Bacon
Neuskes Apple Wood Smoked Bacon
Butts (a shoulder is a butt, I know, weird)
Salami, pepperoni, soppressata-sweet & hot, 6 oz logs
Springer Mountain Farms (SMF) boneless, skinless breast (I go through meticulously and do everything I can to prevent you from getting any extra fat/skin, sinew, cartilage, and what is called a ‘Woody breast’)
SMF Jumbo Wings
SMF Flats
SMF Drums
SMF Thighs, boneless and skinless
Naked Bird whole
Poulet Rouge whole (Julia Child’s bird of choice)
Dr. Joe's Peking Duck whole
Dr. Joe’s Duck leg semi boneless
Whole Rabbit, skinless, on the bone whole
Turkey Legs (most of the time)
Fresh White Feather Turkeys (Thanksgiving/Christmas)
Fresh Black Feather Turkeys (Thanksgiving/Christmas)
Absolutely delicious.
Better than any restaurant or any grocer. 

Idaho Twiced Baked Potato, one easily feeds 2 persons
Yukon Gold Mashed Potato, one easily feeds 2 persons
Glace de Viande, (reduced beef stock to a glaze, great for meats and more...)
Cocktail Sauce
Sausage Gravy (goes well with our made daily Biscuits)
Daily Soups (16 oz ready to heat and eat)
Various selection sampling:
Jewish Penicillin, Chicken and Broth, Italian Seafood, Chili, no beans Best Tomato Soup You Ever Had, Cheesy Beef Tenderloin & Potato Cauliflower (no dairy), Seafood Chowder(s)
3 Sausage with tomatoes, fresh basil, pecorino/romano cheese(s), Tom’s Potato & Bacon, Broccoli, sometimes with cheddar.

And it can go on and on and on..................
Spicy Tartar
Creamy Bacon and Sweet Onion Dressing
Bacon mayo
Fresh Basil Marinara
Caesar Dressing
Basil Magic
BBQ Sauce
Bone Marrow Broth
Springer Mountain Farms Chicken Salad 
Fresh Tuna Salad
Colossal or Jumbo Lump and Salmon Salad

Mitch’s Bread and Biscuits made daily.

Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Cookie Crust (you're right, it's not the graham cracker)
Key Lime Pie in a marbled chocolate cup
Mitch’s Hot Sauce (a little heat with a lot of great flavor with robustness from the key lime juice)
Packed 2 each, 8 oz per pack or 4 4oz per pack
(Seasoned ready to cook, no more salt or pepper needed, whatever condiments you like, go for it.)
Mitch’s Brisket Burgers
Wagyu Brisket and USDA Prime Brisket mix
Mitch’s Hamburgers
Ground beef tenderloin, chuck, New York strip, ribeye, wagyu
(Ground up product, usually packed in 1 lb frozen units)
Chuck (not frozen)
Beef tenderloin
100% grass fed Beef
Seasoned, ready to cook.

Starr's Fried Chicken (special breading of panko bread crumbs & ground pork rind)
hicken sausage links (
pre-order – breakfast, mild, or hot)
Chicken Breakfast Style Patties (4-4 oz per pack)
Turkey Patties

Tom's Turkey Meatballs
Venison cut ‘osso bucco’
Bison ‘Cowboy Cut’
Bison New York Stip Filet
100% Zero Beef “Beyond Burger Patties”
Jalapeno & Cheddar sausage, 50/50 pork/beef, links
Mitch’s Texas Hot Dog (60 beef/40 pork) bold and spicy like a Texan, links
Mitch’s Brats (German style), pork, links
Neuskes Applewood smoked bacon and sweet onion pork sausage, links
Andouille Pork sausage, links
Breakfast Style Pork sausage, 1 lb units
Mild Italian Pork sausage, 1 lb units
Hot Italian Pork sausage, 1 lb units
CAB (certified angus beef) Hot Dog (100% beef) 8 inch, great crispy casing (one of the very few items I don't make myself)
BLENDS & SALTS (No msg, no added sugar(s)

Maldon Sea Salt
Yakima Sea Salt Applewood Smoked
Mitch’s Magic
Smokey Blackening
Honey BBQ
Seafood Seasoning
Unique (no salt)
Black Pepper & Lemon
Pork Seasoning
Herb Citrus
Chicken/Poultry Seasoning
Pork Seasoning
Smokey Salt Free Unique


Springer Mountain Farms Chicken breast...
Grilled no seasoning
Spiced smoked
Grilled Salmon
Smoked Salmon
Grilled Scallops
Smoked Scallops
Grilled Gulf Red Snapper
Grilled Alaskan / North East (seasons) Halibut Grilled Gulf Grouper
Grilled / Roasted Beef Tenderloin

Marzano tomatoes
Grilling and Marinating Sauce(s)
Hot Sauce
WTFU Coffee, already ground, chocolate macadamia nut
Select Crackers
I try to keep this updated as much as possible: we keep a lot in a little space. Please read my rules of engagement, it makes life easier for everybody involved.

Special Orders, Special Requests, and Select Catering:
No problem!! We do the best we can to get what you want!

..............and more..............and more..............and more..............

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